Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Go Fish Tens

This term, we continue to develop number sense.  Term three continues with addition and subtraction with a specific focus on developing personal strategies that support the students in their ability to answer addition and subtraction questions.  Knowledge of numbers that make ten is a great personal strategy and can also be a part of the "friendly number" strategy that some student employ.

This game is a fun way for students to become very familiar with numbers that make 10.  We call it Go Fish Tens.  We play the traditional card game, "Go Fish," but instead of asking our opponents for a card that will make a pair or a match, we ask for a card that will go with one of our cards to make a ten.

I teach the students to remove the Kings, Queens and Jokers from the deck for this game.  We use the Jacks as zeros.

I also found a cheat sheet on pinterest that you can see pictured above.  I sent the cheat sheet home and told the students to teach their families how to play.  Before you know it, they have flipped the cheat sheet over and are not using it anymore.

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