Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Magnet Challenges

We have been exploring magnets as part of our science program this term.  Our previous lessons have included exploring magnets, defining magnets and classifying magnets according to their strength.  This week, I set up a series of magnetic challenges as well as a magnetic toy centre in preparation for our final project, creating a toy or game that uses a magnet.

Station 1:  Can you remove a paper clip from a glass of water without getting wet?

Station 2: Can your paper clip walk up a ruler?

Station 3: Can your paper clip finish the maze?
I printed mazes from a free website and taped them to small chalkboards.  Each student was given paperclips and a magnet.

Station 4: Toy Shop
I brought some toys from home that use magnets.  The students spent time at this station exploring these toys and how the magnets work within these toys.

The purpose of these stations was to further develop background knowledge about magnets, but also give them exposure to how magnets work in toys and games.

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