Thursday, 24 November 2011

More on Magnets

This week, we have continued to explore toys and games that use magnets in preparation for our final project.  On Monday, the students brought in toys and games from home that used magnets.

The kids rotated through four stations each with different toys and games. After about ten minutes and before switching to a new station, we would have a quick debrief about what they were playing with and how magnets were used.  This enabled me to further build their background knowledge and give them an opportunity to think about what game they would like to create.

At the end of the exploring and playing time, each student filled out a planning sheet.  The sheet included what they were making and what materials they would need for their game or toy.

Today was toy creation day.  Before we got down to work, we created two games as a class.  This allowed me to model how to use different materials and support those who were not sure how to make their game.

Snake Charmer:
Cut a snake out of paper in a circular pattern.  Add eyes and a mouth.  Attach a paper clip to the underside of the head.  Use a magnet to charm the snake and make it stand up.

Boat Races:
This game required a wine cork, but I could not get my hands on one, so we improvised.  We used a plastic disc and glue gunned a paper clip to the bottom.  The idea is to create two boats and use magnets to have them race each other.

The kids got right down to work and it was so interesting to watch them complete their project and the different ideas they had, even when creating the same game.  Most kids created some kind of a fishing game.

An erupting volcano game:


Fishing Games:

Airplanes that find things that are magnetic:

There were two, but the other photo had some students' faces in it.

A magnetic truck that would stick to the chalkboard:
This truck was modeled after magnetic toy trucks that were brought in on Monday.  The trucks were able to drive up the chalkboard on their own.  A great connection.

We spent our writer's workshop writing about our creations.  I spent recess quickly printing up the photos of their creations so they could attach it to their writing. In all of our science, we have been really focussing on the students making connections from what we are doing to other science activities or things in their own lives.  So we talked a lot about what their toy reminded them of and what inspired them to make their toy (a student came up with the word inspired).  So I was hoping it would come out in their writing and in some cases it did.  Many students who created fishing games, talked about a fishing game they played at a year end carnival they had in kindergarten.  A great connection.

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