Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thinking Outside the Box- Make a Puppet

This is a Think Challenge that we did right before the winter break.  The children were asked to create a puppet with moving parts using paper, string, elastic bands, tape, straws and paper clips.

We spent some time before the task brainstorming different ways to use the paper.  I love to hear the kids sharing their big ideas with their friends.

I look forward to these tasks because of how the kids jump in both feet and take risks and solve the problem in so many different ways.  Michelle and I have noticed that our kids ability to tackle open ended tasks is incredible.  They persevere, work through a task and help each other out.


Sorry this is sideways, but it is too good not to post.

When we were all done, the kids got into small groups and did little puppet shows.  I think this was their favourite part of the whole activity.

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