Friday, 24 February 2012

Valentine Inches

I was feeling that people reading the blog would wonder if we ever got excited about anything but BIG THINKING!  Of course, my much more dedicated blog partner beat me to posting Art.  Oh well, better late than never!

I was totally excited about trying something I saw on one of my favourite art blogs.  The ideas on her blog are truly amazing. The only down part is they are usually big projects that have many steps.  

I began by setting up 8 different centers for creating the backgrounds for the squares.  For the ninth square, each child got a piece of newspaper.   I quickly explained and demonstrated each center and then told them to visit each center at their own time.  Each of them had a piece of newspaper on the counter or floor where they would put their squares when they were done.  The centers I did were:
-salad spinner painting
-marble painting
-splatter painting
-painting stripes using water colours
-painting the entire square with water colour paints
-collaging with tissue paper
-stamping with tempura paint using different circles (glue lids, marker caps etc)
-painting a square and then using a fork to create lines

Add some white glue to the paint.  Lay tissue paper on top and scrunch it to add texture. 
marble painting

splatter painting

painting stripes with water colours

Add a few drops of paint to the card and then spin away.

Stamp different sized circles on the sqaure.

The next day, we began by having a quick lesson about how to make a heart.  We also talked collaging and how to choose colours and add details without adding too much.  I then provided them with different materials to finish their squares.  Some of the supplies included: tissue paper, tin foil, fabric, doilies, felt, different coloured paper and newsprint.

I just love how they turned out.  I think you could do this project for any holiday.  I may even try it again for Easter!

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