Wednesday, 18 April 2012

If. . .

We have been getting our students ready to begin literature circles.  Before starting, we wanted to make sure that the children would be able to engage in meaningful chats with their peers around the different books they were reading (I'm sure Literature Circles will be a future post so stay tuned!).  We have spent about a month engaged in activities around how good readers make deep connections, ask questions and make inferences.  One of the activities was from Adrienne Gear's book, Reading Power.  Basically, I read the book If. . . by Sarah Perry.  After reading and discussing the book with the students, they got with a partner and were given a photocopied page from the book.  They had to work together and record different questions they had.  It was amazing to hear some of their thoughtful, deep wonders.

That night, I went home and showed the book to my son.  He then proudly created his own mini If  Book. (Yes, I know, the teacher in me never stops!  For the record, I showed him the book and he went off and created the book on his own).  It got me thinking, writing their own If stories would make a wonderful Thinking Outside the Box Challenge.  Wow, once again Division 10 amazed me with their creativity and their ability to be such great thinker!

If carpets were magic

If words could talk

If dogs could fly

If magnets weren't magnetic

If guitars can play themselves

If balls were tears

If sumos could fly

If numbers could run

If babies grew on trees

That would put a smile on any teachers face!!!!  I promise I didn't pay her anything for that one!

If this is the end dream up more.

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