Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Make a Boat that Floats

Last week our thinking outside the box activity challenged the kids to make a boat that floats out of plasticine.

We made up a little challenge to go with the activity.  To get to level one you had to get your boat to float.  Once the students got their boat to float, then they were challenged to see how many marbles their boat could hold.  The students ran with this idea and decided level 2 was getting a boat to hold one marble and level 3 was two marbles and so on.

Before beginning to create the boats, we talked about the characteristics of a boat.  We discussed things that we noticed that were similar with boats and how could they apply this to the creation of their own boats.

Once a few students had boats that could float, we gathered on the carpet to talk about strategies they had used to make their boats float.  This was to help those students who were struggling to get their boats to float.

Once they had finished their boats, each student completed a sheet about their boats.  They were asked to draw a picture of their boat, if it floated and how many marbles it held.  Finally they were asked to give advice on how to make a boat that floats.  If a boat did not float, students were asked to talk about why they thought their boat did not float and how to fix it next time.

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