Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Math- Geometry- 3D Shapes

Geometry is one of the topics we are working on this term in math.  I like to start with three dimensional shapes first.  While our student teacher was doing her two week practicum at the beginning of January, we sorted three dimensional objects.  We also created three dimensional shapes out of a variety of materials such as plasticine, gumdrops and skewers and marshmallows and toothpicks.

This challenge that we did last week, was to build a castle using prisms, pyramids, cones and cylinders.  The students worked in small groups to complete their castles.  Once done, they were asked to draw their castle in their math journals and create a table to show what shapes they used and how many of each.

One group created an addition equation for the number of three dimensional shapes they used.  I liked the connection they made to other math we have been working on.
It looked like this:
16 prisms +  4 cubes + 6 cylinders + 2 cones = 28 shapes.

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